Eye whispers

M. Sciaccaluga – G. Vallese (Edited by, Contributions by)
Andrea Arte Contemporanea, Vicenza
20/03/2004 – 17/04/2004
published by Andrea Arte Contemporanea, Vicenza, 2004, p.8 – 9

by Maurizio Sciaccaluga

…Vania Comoretti focuses the lens of her accurate painting on faces, glances, on others’ eyes. She depicts hidden fears, subtle strains, tense and vibrating worries and does this with an extremely silent style that doesn’t concede anything to exhibition, even mystifying her exceptional depicting ability. The artist portrays close ups of pupils and frightened glances cast towards the void – watching with terror which turn the universe is taking – and penetrates them, dives deep into them. The minimal world of Vania Comoretti is the soul of the people she portrays, their desperate anxiety, their daydream that everything will suddenly change for the best…